The One Minute Millionaire by Robert Allen

Starting to read the One Minute Millionaire was quite unique to me because the title itself makes me curious. After all, how can you really become one yet think of becoming one?

Besides that, the book is divided into two sections. One is a story about a woman who raised a million dollars in 90 days. Another section is dedicated to the teachings on how to become a millionaire the enlightened way.

The book allows any reader to select either to read the story first from Mark Victor Hansen or the teachings later from Robert Allen and vice versa. For me, this is the first time I've read a book with both novel and non-fiction sharing the same theme.

The novel side of the book was written by Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the "Chicken Soup For the Soul Series". It is about how a widow named Michelle managed to accumulate a million dollars within 90 days to get back her children after they had an agreement with her father-in-law. (If you have attended one of Robert Allen's seminars, you'll notice the story is similar to his famous challenge, which is the 90 day coaching program).

The storyline was very well written, with mixed blend of story and enlightened millionaire concepts which will be exciting to read as to how Michelle went through the hurdles and setbacks that she faced during the period. With proper guidance from her mentor, she got her feet back up and went on to acquire a million dollars legally and most importantly, she kept her promise to deliver within three months from the date of agreement.

Although it's just a story, for me it was insipiring and exciting to read and learn the lessons from her as she becomes a millionaire.

On the nonfiction side you'll get to know the informative concepts towards becoming an enlightened millionaire. The book will explain the process and preparation steps in building your wealth through multiple streams of income. You'll learn how to think and do as most millionaire does and why tithing is important.

The diagrams and charts very well illustrate the key points in addition to the contents provided in the book.

I think that this book focuses on the principles more than the how to's which is good because it helps the reader understands the principles and philosophies of wealth building. Sure there are a lot of 'how to' books out there, yet this one delivers a special and purposeful meaning.

While Rich Dad Series focuses on improving financial literacy, the "One Minute Millionaire" shows the reader how to become a true millionaire legally and ethically. The how to's also shows proven systems that Robert uses for his challenges.

Overall, the

The One Minute Millionaire is an eye opener to those who really and truly want to change their financial future.

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