Rich Dad's Guide To Investing by Robert Kiyosaki

Probably the third book in the rich dad series, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing is one of the best books out there regarding the proper way to invest. It highlights how the rich invest in the right way which is different from the masses.

Although this one is not a strictly "how to" books like others in the market, it is a guide that Robert's rich dad had taught him on the fundamentals of investing.

As a rich dad fan, I really like the story about how Robert chooses his path between security and freedom and eventually becomes financially free. And this one is no exception.

One of the aspects that this book stressed is that the mind is the ultimate investing tool. I agree that having a mentally prepared mindset is very important in order to be successful in this field. As a matter of fact, it is important to be mentally prepared in other fields of investing as well.

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing also points out why the subject of investing is different and confusing to most people. I can tell you that the subject of investing is not what you think it is once you read the book. It will change the way you see investing in a different approach.

Besides, the book will show you why a simple plan is only what you need in order to become rich. It explains why it is important to use financial planning to determine your future in financial security.

One of the best chapters I've come across is the rich dad's "Ten Investors Control". It is a rule for every investors who wants to be successful regardless of the investments they pursue into. I think readers will benefit from the rule since it is based on rich people's thinking in accumulating wealth. Very useful.

Initially I had a problem understanding the terms used in the book. There are some technical jargons which i'm not familliar with. But after the second or third read everything is clear. I've read the book four times to finally grasp the contents.

Overall, Rich Dad's Guide to Investing promises to be another great addition to the rich dad collection. Although some of the advices are quite repetitive from the previous books but it's worth reading anyway. As mentioned, the book eventually prepares the reader to have a proper mindset towards investing, rather than the investment itself.

A recommended book for beginning real estate investors.

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