Use the Net for your Real Estate Business

Want to bring your real estate business online?

Before that, many investors used the offline approach in real estate investing. From finding tenants to property management, they use the old approach such as newspaper ads, flyers, and magazines to get leads.

Sure there are various websites about property findings, but they are either limited to a geographical location and country, or there are just not enough information about it.

You see, most of the websites just put up pictures of properties and the prices but little information about the area is given. For example, there are a lot of property findings on the web. It is so convenient to find a property.

But are real estate investors just content with prices and property pictures?


They need far more than just these two pieces of information. A true real estate investor needs information about the location, neighbourhood, growth rate, etc. Only then they will consider whether to invest or not.

The same is true to home buyers as well. Imagine a couple wanted to buy a property in the South Island of New Zealand for retirement and wanted to know more about that area well.

Instead they find nothing but prices and pictures. So frustrating...

How about those property managers or real estate investors wanted to find tenants online? Tenants are like house buyers looking for houses to live on, except they are renting instead of buying.

They also need to know more about that area to suit their living requirements. What if they can't find the information they wanted?

You can provide it.

Wether you're a real estate investor with a portfolio of properties seeking for tenants, a property management company acquiring leads, or just someone who knows well about an area, SBI can help.


By writing great content about the area that you know or love based on focused keywords to bring targeted leads or tenants.

Why targeted? Because not all are interested in buying, renting or investing in properties. It's better to drive interested and targeted leads to your site than untargeted and unqualified ones. Take a look at the case studies especially in

Take a look also at this model on how you can benefit from your real estate related business.

As for the technology, you don't need to worry about it. SBI handles it and ensures that you focus on your business. You handle your business, they handle the tech stuff.

So why not start your own real estate online business and supply it with your knowledge and expertise? Return to Real Estate Mentors

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