My Personal Reviews on the Best Real Estate Investment Books

Wanna know more about the book? These are some of the reviews on real estate investment books that I have read in the past.

Most of them are basic real estate books that are easy to learn while others contain jargons and terms that might not be familliar with beginning real estate investors.

Feel free to browse any reviews you wish to learn more about the book.

(Note: These are independent written reviews. I'm not paid to write any of them)

The One Minute Millionaire

Wanna get enlightened? Read this part story, part lesson book about financial success.

Learn more about the book here

Rich Dad Book Review: Retire Young Retire Rich

Leverage is one key ingredient that is essential to financial success. Use it wisely, and you'll propell to greater richness.

Get to know how the rich use leverage to their favour in attaining financial freedom.

You can read my review here

Dolf De Roos's 101 Ways to Massively Increase the Value of Your Real Estate without Spending Much Money

This book promises to be full of ideas on how to improve the value of a property.

A tiny book yet filled with practical ideas that can be used immediately.

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Review of Rich Dad's Prophecy

Take control of your financial future regardless of the coming stock market crash.

Robert Kiyosaki's publication shows you the true way to take advantage of the opportunity regardless if the market is up or down.

Read the review here

Rich Dad's Guide to Investing

Learn the fundamental ways of investing by following the BI triangle. Inspirational story about rich dad building businesses the right way.

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Review of Real Estate Riches by Dolf De Roos

Read this mind challenging book about real estate investing so that you won't have to look for jobs anymore.

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Review: Nothing Down for the 2000s

Wanna master the art of buying nothing down properties? Nothing Down for the 2000s can help.

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The ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken Mcleroy

Author Ken Mcleroy is a numbers person. He takes calculated risks and makes sure the numbers are right before buying properties.

Why numbers in real estate are very important? Read more about the review here

Unlimited Riches by Robert Shemin

Robert Shemin have many experience in buying and selling over 400 properties. His book Unlimited Riches lays out simple but detailed strategies in creating multiple profits in real estate

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Weekend Millionaire Secret's to Investing in Real Estate

The problem with most investors today is that they think buying a lot of properties will make them rich

This book will show you how to buy the right property with potential, even if it's only one, that can outperform others.

Read more about the Weekend Millionaire Program

Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub

John Schaub explains why it is more profitable to invest in rental properties and managing them without having headaches.

Read the review here

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