Nothing Down for the 2000s by Robert Allen

The book Nothing Down for the 2000s is the latest edition from Robert Allen's original Nothing Down Series. A respected mentor for his famous nothing down techniques, his publication includes experience and feedback with his students during his real estate seminars.

Apart from publishing his strategies, Nothing Down for the 2000s covers other essential details in preparing beginners to become successful real estate investors as well. But he recommends his advice to be part of every investor's goal.

In fact, he stressed in Chapter 2 why it's important to use as liitle of your own money as possible to buy real estate. Believe me, not having enough money is not the only reason!

Unlike other real estate books, this one includes a gross and net equity chart to illustrate how an average person can become financially free in a given number of years.

Not diverting from the real contents of this book, Nothing Down for the 2000s contains a plethora of tips and techniques in finetuning your nothing down investment strategies. For example, in "Chapter 17: From Bankers to Crankers", Robert shows how to use your own home equity in raising cash for your downpayment.

Aside from that, a chapter is also dedicated to home buyers as well, with details of how to acquire your dream home using the nothing down approach. I find it quite interesting.

My favourite part of course is the principles and preparation in real estate. Robert explains why goals and commitment is crucial for developing your real estate carreer. I highly advise you don't skip this section.

The reason is that it's possible to lose focus and direction if you don't know why you are in the real estate business. If you know your why, then you'll know the how.

Overall, this is a great book with informative teachings using real life case studies and simple illustrations. But don't expect the book to be easy. The terms and jargons can be overwhelming for beginners. A second or third read should make everything clear.

Also, take calculated risks when implementing the steps outlined in the book as it can work for you or against you depending on your investing situations. Every investment method has risk and this book is no exception. So...

Anyone looking for the ultimate no money down solutions and other get rich quick in real estate systems are advised not to read the book.

Other than that, Nothing Down for the 2000s : Dynamic New Wealth Strategies in Real Estate is perfect for both novice and experienced real estate investors, home buyers, and real estate professionals.

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