"Real Estate Riches" by
Dolf De Roos

When I first read "real estate riches", my assumption was that the book is very complicated and full with confusing real estate terms.

After a brief read through, I was wrong.

The book was simple to understand as the author introduces the world of investing in property based on his years of experience in a nutshell.

One of the Rich Dad's advisors, the author Dolf De Roos is a successful real estate investor. What fascinates me is that he never worked for someone else or have any job at all.

Now most people will be suprised at what he has confessed!

His main "job" is his involvement in the property arena. In other words, he invests in real estate that feeds passive income into his bank account.

This proved a point that you don't need a job to become financially free.

"Real Estate Riches" will tell you why investing in property is so lucrative and qualified as the best investment vehichle for creating wealth. The author may be bias, but he has the supporting facts and ideas that favours real estate than any other forms of investment.

In fact, he will convince you that property is better by showing the readers to think differently and look at this subject from another point of view.

One of the examples is using other people's money rather than your own, which every successful property investor knows:leverage.

In my opinion, this reason alone is the biggest factor why people should get their hands dirty on real estate.

"Real Estate Riches" teaches the proper and true way to invest as a professional real estate investor does. It covers a variety of topics such as:

1.How to find properties

2.The process of negotiating deals

3.How to use leverage to your favour

4.Property Management

5.How to use taxes as your friend rather than your foe

The book also covers about the differences between residential and commercial properties and how each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, I find Real Estate Riches : How to Become Rich Using Your Banker's Money to be very informative and packed with creative real estate techniques which is truly tried and tested by Dolf himself.

He really walks the talk, a global thinker and has shown his creative side in this investment vehicle.

A recommended book for beginners, potential and future real estate investors

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