Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki

Perhaps this book should be named Rich Dad's Book of Leverage instead of "Retire Young Retire Rich" as it is all about how the rich uses the priciples of leverage to get and keep their wealth.

Of course it also includes the story of how Robert and his wife struggled hard and eventually made it and retired at age 47.

"Retire Young Retire Rich" explains the powerful principles of using leverage in getting more rich and working less. It shows how important the word leverage is to the rich and the advantages and powers that this word possess.

If you are not familliar with the word leverage, here is an example.

Suppose there is a large rock in front of you and you tried to move it with your own hands and strength. There is no way you can do that as it is very heavy.

However, if you manange to use a pole and a device to act as the fulcrum (centre), the rock eventually moves. That pole and the centre device are leverages to the rock.

That is what Retire Young Retire Rich is all about.

The story of Robert uses leverage to become rich and retire early really inspires me and makes me respectful of this powerful word. The book also explains why the "mind of a person is the ultimate form of leverage". I truly believed that statement.

My favourite quote from Nightingale Conant, "You Become What You Think About" really determines the outcome of the mind of a person.

Besides, "Retire Young Retire Rich" shows other types of leverage that eventually forms the equation as a means in achieving abundance instead of scarcity.

One of the unique aspects about this book is that the contents are similar to other rich dad book series yet the theme is different.

I have read most of the books in the Rich Dad Series and starting to become quite familliar with all the Rich Dad's teachings as well as Robert's advice, yet this book focuses on different words and themes on illustrating the contents.

And that makes "Retire Young Retire Rich" a special book dedicated to financial leverage while other titles focuses on cashflow.

Overall, this book is recommended to those who wish to learn the amazing powers of leverage and how to have it to your advantage in building your success in business or investing.

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