Rich Dad Prophecy by Robert Kiyosaki

We certainly heard of the world is coming to the end in a few decades time. Or even the destruction of nature due to global warming. Nobody can predict it. But the nature of the economic cycle is true and predictable. The question is when

The book Rich Dad Prophecy highlights the severity of the financial problem and the coming stock market crash. The book also addresses the impact of law changes and how it affects the already fragil economy today. The author also mentions an estimated date to the crash, around 2016, although it is not an exact one.

I find that the book is not about predicting the crash, but more on the crucial and important steps on how to prepare and profit for it.

Robert shares his story with his rich dad about the differences between two main pension plans, the tax laws that made these plans, the changes made to these laws and how the flaws that exists in those changes eventually led to the stock market crash.

You will also learn how to built your wealth or "ark" and control it so that it keeps growing no matter what the stock market is behaving. The case studies provided should be helpful as they are real people who take actions and eventually changed their financial life after reading rich dad books.

Using the story of "Noah and the Ark" to illustrate how to become rich and to prepare for the challenges ahead was to me perfect and very enlightening.

After re-reading the book three times, I finally understood and discover how serious this problem was. Although the tax laws and the problems mentioned in the book were specifically focused in the US, but they are somehow similar in other countries.

Reading Rich Dad Prophecy was not a problem as it was clearly explained and easy to grasp the issues that Robert points out. He sure makes a complex subject easy to uderstand. I like his writing style as well.

Eventually, the book stresses the importance of education in financial matters as the best solution in surviving the financial world. You will notice that some financial education advices are similar in other rich dad book series if you have read them.

Yet, it is worth repeating as it will reinforce what you have learned so far. In other words, repetition is the key to learning.

Overall, Rich Dad Prophecy is worth reading and encourages people to be prepared rather than repair what is left should the stock market crash really occurs. As for me, I hope it won't happen.

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