Unlimited Riches by Robert Shemin

Robert Shemin's Unlimited Riches, does not tell you to focus on cashflow and getting rent checks every month. Instead the author encourages having multiple streams of real estate income.

What does that mean?

Well, the real estate business is not limited to buying rental properties or having monthly incomes. It's also a combination of other types of techniques such as buying and holding, flipping, rehabbing, lease options, etc.

For example, in Chapter 7: Multiple Real Estate Profit Centers, Robert suggests wholesaling or flipping properties for beginning investors. This is in contrast with other property books that says cash flow is the true wealth builder for the long term.

But what this chapter tells you is to show that these types of real estate transactions can work if you take the time to learn.

The book also teaches you how to have income from other property related businesses, such as consulting and getting referral fees. Another good income stream.

One thing I noticed about Unlimited Riches is that the author stressed a lot about having every agreement in written form. This includes everything from structuring offers to bidding for repair costs.

Robert Shemin quotes, "And one of the themes in this book especially with real estate investing is to have everything, every agreement and arrangement, disclosed to everyone in writing."

This proves why written contracts and legal forms(samples are included at the end of the book) are important to real estate investors so that when dispute arises, these documents can be helpful.


Unlimited Riches has so many tips that you can apply immediately for your real estate investments.

However I still believe that cash flow is only way to long term wealth.

So who can benefit from Unlimited Riches?

Investors who want to learn more or branch out in other strategies

Also for those of you who are doing investments other than rentals may find this book useful and informative.

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